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Established in April of 2009, True North Chartering has spent the past decade as a leader in the tanker brokerage sector. We pride ourselves on a focus of providing the best possible service, value and relations to our global client base. With a mixture of youth and experience we are forward thinking in solving the upcoming challenges and demands of the marine freight industry. With steady growth, our brokering team is comprised of 5 CPP brokers, 5 DPP brokers and 5 within our TC/S&P/Research department. To support this active brokering desk, we have built a post-fixture team of 3 operations and 1 claims personnel to follow through with the needs of all parties involved. We have made our home building deals on all tanker sizes both spot and period, with a diverse group of oil companies, traders and ship owners.

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Locating the right ship, in the right place, at the right time is what True North Chartering does. It may sound simple, but to be done effectively and cost-efficiently it requires chartering expertise and continuous information gathering by our dedicated brokers. Locating the right ship is just the first step in fulfilling a successful charter. Negotiations must then follow, with our clients’ interests as the top priority, to obtain the most economical rate consistent with each client’s desired terms and conditions. An additional critical step for a successful charter involves thorough follow-through to ensure a smooth voyage and trouble-free delivery at the destination port.


The True North Chartering Operations team manages all aspects of each voyage we broker, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our dedicated, in-house professionals offer expertise that is second to none along with current knowledge of global practices and local regional issues. Our Operations team contribution actually begins prior to a voyage commencing. Utilizing real-time analysis of conditions at various load and discharge ports, Operations advises our broker staff on specific charter party clauses that might need to be modified for the protection of our clients. Our valuable service not only relieves clients of significant back office workload, but it also assures them that their voyages are being managed by professionals dedicated to providing trouble-free service.


Our research team are tasked with tracking and predicting vessels' commercial environment. We use a combination of data modelling, judgement and years of experience to assess past, present and future supply and demand balances. We use an internal team of data specialists to ensure the accuracy of our fixture records.

  • Our goal is to provide well-informed, honest, hardworking service to our clients. The result is value added in both brokering and post-fixing operations.

  • ~ True North Team

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